Thermal Imager - Affordable Thermography (Fluke)
Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature sensors(Raytek/Ircon/Fluke)
Non-Contact IR Thermometers Portable(Raytek/Fluke)
Themocouples, RTD/PT100 probes
Pressure Measurement
Displacement - Contact and Non-contact
Instrumentation Calibration and Servicing
Fluke Electrical Test, Power Quality, Air Quality
Eurotherm Products (process control, data acquisition paperless chart recorders)
Wireless sensors and data logging Web and PC based
Other Radir Products. Acoustic leak and Vibration Monitoring



All types of Industrial Instruments and Measurement Tools.
For Process Automation Control Systems and Plant Condition Monitoring. Ultrasonic leak, vibration, displacement, and paperless chart recording/controllers. Specialist in Temperature Measurement including Non-Contact Infra-Red Thermometry and Thermal Imaging from Raytek, Fluke and Ircon

Update 03/12/2015.

New From Fluke Process Instruments. (RAYTEK/IRCON/DATAPAQ), the Endurance range of spot pyrometers, designed for high temperature applications - contact us for details

New Fluke Ti90 and Ti95 and now Ti520 and 560 Thermal imagers, high specification at a very affordable price - contact us for details.

New MI31M and 2m High Temperature sensing heads. The MI3 is now available with Profibus and Modbus options as well.

New from Raytek the exciting Pi20 Thermal Imager for process control - see Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature Sensors section for details.

If you purchase a Fluke Thermal Imager (at normal list price) from Radir, we will train (at no charge) up to 3 people at our Milton Keynes office in the principles of infra-red thermometry, the use of the thermal imager and the software that comes with the imager. You will also get some other free "goodies" contact us for details.


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